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It all began ...

 ....over 3 years ago on the couch with my dog Charmin looking so cute, I began painting him digitally editing his eyes and then it snowballed into scenery and more! I signed up on Instagram and meet a lot of wonderful pet lovers. This is my passion to be creative with my art and make others smile.  Love your Pet and others Unconditionally! 

Other Creations....

ButtonThreads & ButtonPets are digitally painted characters, symbols, and pets painted to look like buttons.  The thread is their noses, and or tails. All on assorted Gift Items.

Non Pet GIfts ~ Hand Painted School Bus, Trucks, Cars and more! on Clothing , Blankets, Shirts, Mugs, Totes.

*Not all  displayed in Gallery yet..it's a work in progress.** 

Easy to Personalize from your Phone!

Edit, and Personalize your gift!

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