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Bandana Buckets!

NEW ITEM!....with D.I.Y. Tutorial

Vintage Buckets available for crafting.

Custom Orders will be quoted if you want me to design for you.

Scroll down to (Shop or Create) if you want to make one yourself and design your own T-Shirt.

 I am a Mother  of two boys, one human and the other my adorable dog.  My idea of relaxing is to paint either with real paints or digital ink.

It all depends on the day, and or requested order.

So choose which shop you are interested in viewing below.

Thank you and be kind to humans and animals. 

Studio 93427

This Shop has a variety of items:

Made from fabric, books, collectible art.

And some handpainted items.

I also have buckets available for crafting in this shop too.  

Shop or Create!

Bandanas, Pet Bowls, Pet Id Tags

T-Shirts, Office and Craft Items

Variety of Animals, and Kids Decor

Direct Shipping available. 

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