All art that goes in my shop is fully painted and becomes a likeness of the original..yet CouchPetatoArt Style.  When I offer to place in my shop, this becomes a free service, I charge no labor. Some pieces of art take me 3-4 days to complete. And several hours designing on gift items. They have the option to register as affiliates and share any of their gift items. Earn to keep or donate if they choose. At the end of each tax year I make a donation to chosen organization through the PayPal Giving Fund, A Registered 501c. from my earnings.  

After offered to be in my shop, No animal needs to be named if they wish not to be.  Pet names are added in description below product.  All my art is inspired by viewing these loving creatures.  I could paint a bowl of fruit from an image but don't get as much joy as I do an animal. And I enjoy sharing the name of pet that inspired me if they want to be named. 

I do love cars and trucks so you will be seeing my version of those painted on various items.


Other Creations


I got the idea of making ButtonThreads thinking of something cute for Christmas gifts. My first was a snowlady, snowman, and elf. Hearts for Cancer Awareness.  And lastly my first pet was the Chevron Pink Pig which I call the pets "ButtonPets".

All are painted to look like buttons.  The thread is their noses, and or tails.

Non Pet Gifts ~ I have always loved cars and trucks. Grew up with a father working in his garage restoring them. So in away I am restoring vehicles too that I love. Repainting them to share on various gift items.

Everytime I paint these I am thinking of Kids enjoying them.  I share them in my shop on Blankets, Pillows, Stickers, Buttons, Mugs, Shirts, Hoodies, and more!

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